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Hello my loves! Today's post is all about a dad and his parenting advice!

Hubby and Miguelito 6yrs ago
 It's always nice to read mom blogs to learn parenting tips from each other, or to share our day to day mommy stress but we always forget to include the dads. They also have great tips or stories to share, so I thought it'd be nice to hear a daddy's side of the story and his parenting advice for a change!

 Name: Humberto
Number of children: 1

How did you handle being a first time dad?
 I was very happy and calm. I tried to enjoy every single moment, including those sleepless nights when I walked and rocked my baby boy. Every moment is precious and now I wish for those sleepless nights with my son.

 Is there something that you wished you knew before Miguelito was born?
 How to be able to handle certain situations, but I'm not really sure how to explain. Because I think we all learn how to be dads along the way. No book or advice can tell you how to be a father it can help you sure, but things just happen by natural instinct. It's like once your child is born this click is turned on and you know and feel things you didn't know you knew or could feel.

What has been your most challenging moment as a dad? 
As Miguelito has grown so have the challenges. When he was a baby it was hard to see him cry and not know what was wrong with him. To feel helpless as a father is the worst feeling ever! Now that he is a little bit older I'd say that the most challenging thing is having to find the balance between "good" and "bad" dad, meaning being his friend and his dad at the same time!

How do you cope with stress that comes with parenthood?
I do exercise! I love to run in the mornings and free my mind, but it really helps relieve all kinds of stress.
Yes, being a parent can be stressful at times but I would not take back any single moment!
Advice or tip for new dads?
Enjoy every single moment, beginning from the time that you feel that first movement in the belly to the first time that he holds your hand and calls you daddy. You can never go back in time and relive those times again. Every moment from happy to sad, or mad is precious and you don't want to kick yourself in the future for not treasuring the time that you have with your children. Always follow your instinct because no one else knows your child better than you!

 Hope you had fun reading my Humbe's answers, if you have any questions for him just leave them in the comments below but in the meantime for more parenting advice you can join Poncho de Anda on Facebook as he talks about how he tackles the challenges of parenting!

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  1. Humbe is a great dad I loved his answers. He seems like he is a very patient guy.

    So true challenges grow as the kids grow. Hugs to you and your family dear ;)