Sunday is D-Day!!!

September 27, 2012

Woot!! Finally my Sundays will be good again :)
My boyfriend Dexter returns and I am super pumped!
I will be making sure to get my workouts done before he comes out, so I'll be relaxed and showered.
Any Dexter fans out there? Are you excited?

Kary xoxo
3 comments on "Sunday is D-Day!!!"
  1. whooo! we can text throughout it. my nails are done all ice-truck killer style :)

  2. WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! tonight's the night!!!!

    i just wrote my dexter blog post *hint, felix in her AWESOME dexter onesie thanks to her tia kary! ;)

    we love you and wish we could watch and have a dexter premier party together (i love phoenix's idea with the nails- ha genius!)

    can't wait to discuss it my love! XOXO and thanks again for the amazing gift. you are everything wonderful!