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10.25.12 Vlog

Kary xoxo
6 comments on "10.25.12 Vlog"
  1. Yay for another vlog!!! You are fabulous!!! Congrats on your improved times per mile!! You're doing so awesome!! Make sure you tell your little man that we all think He is awesome too and that he should not be disappointed in himself!! Hope the batman search is successful!!! Have a fantastic afternoon!! Spa <3

    1. Thank you so much for the motivating words! Your fabulous!!! :) My little man thanks you from the bottom of his heart! You really brought a smile to his face today, beautiful girl!

      Still no sign of the Batman costume, but hes leaning towards something else that will actually be made out of things that he has at home :) Some sort of monster or....? This time it's a surprise :)

      Happy Thursday night, love!


  2. That sounded so lovely 'cross the finish line hand in hand with your daddy'! I knw you can do it! I will be here to cheer on you when the time comes dear! Good luck finding batman!

    1. Thank you Mi Clau :)
      Your cheers from over there will surely help me get to that finish line, someday I just know it!!

      Still no sign of Batman but we have a good idea for one that can be made from things he has at home!


  3. I hear your frustration with ear phone falling out when you're working out. So frustrating! I hope your new ones are awesome!

    And yes, definitely get a crockpot! They are amazing! Imagine throwing all the ingredients into the pot at the beginning of the day and by dinner time it's all done with no work. Best!

    Aw, Batman is such a cute costume idea. I really hope you can find a costume for Miguel.

    I know you can do the marathon! Pink power!!

    x Jasmine

    1. Ugh, it is very frustrating and uncomfortable!I am very excited for the new ones. They are supposed to be made especially for women and our small ears :) Will definitely do a review of them!

      So, I didn't get a crockpot BUT I did get a Babycakes cupcake maker :) I've been searching for one for a while now and I'm so happy I found it today and on sale! But I will definitely get the Crockpot on Monday, no being lazy with husband!

      I really hope we find one also, but we gave Miguel an idea just in case we don't find one and he seems to like this one better. Good thing is we would just have to buy a small thing because he has the rest at home! Score!! Halloween costumes can be so expensive!

      Pink power, Sunshine!! Thank you for all your support and rooting :)



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