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It's The Simple Things In Life....

No vlog today my loves! It's Friday night and I'm a little lazy :)
But some pictures are also good!

It's chilly and Winter is in the air :) I went to Urban Outfitters to check out their Fall Sale and I saw this very cute teddy bear hat. I was contemplating whether I was too old to wear something like this?

I LOVE 2 Broke Girls! Kat Dennings sarcasm kills me in this show, she is hilarious. If you haven't watched this show, you should!

This is what my morning runs look like! The time will go down but the miles will go up. 
That is a promise :)

I need Yurbuds! They are special custom fit, athletic earphones that stay in place and don't fall out of your ear while you run! So need these! They are now available in Target, can somebody please get them for me? Preferably in pink :) Please & Thank you!

This is what we had tonight for dessert! Pinkberrys - Chocolate Hazelnut and it taste exactly like Ferrer Rocher!
My all time favorite chocolate, heavenly!!

And before I say goodnight some very awesome news. Fitfluential has tweet chats that you can join.  Just follow them via twitter, so you'll know when the chats take place. They are very informative and you get to meet lots of great people, not to mention that you have the chance to win great prizes!
 Last night there was a chat with Reebok, regarding how we see fitness and how we make it a priority. They were going to randomly pick 5 winners to get a gift card to customize their very own pair of Reeboks! Guess who was one of the 5 winners? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee... 
Now which style to pick? What colors? What patterns? The possibilities are endless,and I assure you that it will be crazy! One of a kind :)
It pays to be fit!

Happy Friday Loves & A Very Happy Weekend!

Kary xoxo
29 comments on "It's The Simple Things In Life...."
  1. whooooohoooo for being fit! How cool will you be in those kicks? As if you weren't cool enough already. Seriously. Watch out New York!

    And I want them in teal. Lets go shopping!

    Say hello to that wonderful little miguelito <3

    Love, love, love

    1. As if I weren't crazy enough! Woooohooooo...

      Yes,teal for you and pink for me :)
      My Miguelito say hola and big hugs to you my dear! He still has some posties hidden!

      Lots of love mi bella hermana gitana!


  2. That teddy bear hat looks good on ya! much love my dear!

  3. haha look at you in that hat. I think you neeeeeed to buy it! Look out for postie :)

    1. Lol, I need to go back to the store and get it :)
      Oh, Happy Mail from my Claire!! Very exciting indeed :)
      You are missed xoxo

  4. the pinkberry flav you chose sounds so awesome!! ive never tried that one before! love the pics! have a great sunday! spa love!

    1. It's the Season flavor for Pinkberry, you should really try it before it goes out. It's super delicious!

      Happy Sunday SPA sister!


  5. ummm 2 broke girls is awesome. Reminds me of the days I was living in NY.


  6. congrats on the new reeboks! Love the fro yo! I need some of that in my life ASAP! Also I need to try some of those headphones too! I hate when mine fall out of my ears!

    1. Thank you! The fro yo is good and once in while is even more yummier!

      Yes, we need some of those earphones, it’s so uncomfortable when they fall out of your ears and your having a good workout!


  7. Congratulations on customizing your very own pair of Reeboks! The Pinkberry cup looks so yummy!

    1. Thank you Isabel! The Pinkberry was very yummy!

  8. Love the pics! Want to watch the movie and eat the ice cream.

    1. Thank you! You should definitely watch it and get some ice cream! :)


  9. Woo hoo! Yay for winning those Reekboks. You will have so much fun with colours. Something bright for sure. It's a shame that we didn't get to taste Pinkberry because it looks delicious.

    And you can still get that beanie/hat. It's something fun and why not? :) love you xox

    1. Yay! I'm so excited and yes to fun colors! Miguelito and I have had fun coming up with different designs. We've saved so many many already :)

      I know, we were full from Alice's Tea Cup :( But next time we will definitely have some Pinkberry!

      I am running to Urban Outfitters tomorrow and hope that the beanie/hat is till there :)

      Love you!!


  10. Congrats lucky lady! I'd have to rock it with some pink and black. Ooh and pinkberry has hazelnut flavor? I'm so trying that next time I'm in NYC!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Thank you love! Pink and black will definitely be included in the design!

      Yes, and the flavor is limited for season only. You should definitely get it next time your here!


  11. Young lady, fashion should be for the soul not for others- go buy yourself that hat!!


    1. Babushka you made my day! I need to go back and get that hat - stat!!

      Thank you!


  12. You remind me of me. There are many things that I fall in love with, that my daughters tell me I am too old for. Like the sparkly Toms shoes, I really wanted those bu after listening to them tell me they were too young for me, instead I got the regular black. BB is right, fashion is what makes us feel good, not what others think looks good on us. Next time, get the hat!

    1. We can be silly right! I think as long as we don't go overboard, we can definitely pull it off! All with respect! I also want the glittery TOMS, we all need sparkle in our life's!


  13. I can't wait to see what Reebok's you get! You deserve them!

    x Jasmine

  14. you inspire me darling :) xoxo gina

  15. Cute hat! We are never too young for teddy bears.


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