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Rambling & Swinging - Vlog

Username on Instagram: RunChiquitaRun As if you didn't get it from the video :)
Do you guys have vlog ideas? Any questions you want me to answer?
 Leave your ideas or questions in the comments below, I don't want to run out of vlogging prompts or is randomness not boring?

Super Happy after getting my run on this morning! :)

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham 

Kary xoxo
7 comments on "Rambling & Swinging - Vlog"
  1. How about a recipe? an easy one ;)

    1. I'm thinking of the recipe :) Thank you Mi Clau!!


  2. Aww I miss you! I love that you are so motivated to do your runs and all the other things you do each day. You are definitely motivational lovely girl :)

    Yes! We can do Facetime. Hopefully sometime soon. Maybe on a weekend or something.

    Big hugs to Miguel. That's so cute that he is carrying the notebook and pen around. I will be sure to send other little bits soon.

    As for your posts. Maybe you can do a workout fashion vlog? Showing the clothes you like to work out in? Maybe inspirational books or some healthy snacks? x

    1. I miss you, miss you!!! Thank you love! I now know my calling :)

      Yes! Miguelito is so happy and excited to Facetime soon :) He sends you all of his love and big hugs dear!!

      I'm working on the fashion vlog idea. I would need a camera person and Miguelito is so silly. We've tried and he starts cracking up and he makes me crack up so it's just us laughing! :)


  3. I love seeing you embrace this healthy lifestyle and being SO excited about it! I agree with Gracie about healthy snacks or fashion!
    p.s. I got a malware warning from your site - is it ok?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! I really finally found my calling :)
      Yes, I'm working on those vlog ideas!

      Malware message? Oh, I haven't noticed anything. Everything seems to be fine here. I'll check again, thank you!


  4. This video is so cute. I love the little pop ups - "Stop swinging, you're making them dizzy!" Hahaha, so cute.

    I like Gracie's idea of a workout fashion vlog, or even just a normal blog post about work out fashion? Also, maybe a vlog about your favourite healthy recipe and one about your favourite naughty snack.

    x Jasmine


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