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Wake Up With Motivation

This was my view this morning as I walked into the park, and the beauty always takes my breath away. The moment I step into the park I feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins, and as I gather my hair in a bun the my mind instantly starts to clear itself of all bad news & negative thoughts.
I'm ready to get my run on!

This morning after getting my run on! :)
I'm loving my new Asics, they are very comfortable! This morning was very good for many reasons. My runs no matter how slow always leave me feeling energized and happy. Today's was no exception, I did one of many first Personal Records - Yay!

Three new records! 
One of my goals was to run 1 mile under 13 mins and today I did - woot, woot!
Now keep in mind that this is still with stopping once in a while to quickly catch my breath :)
It's very exciting to see your time go down, to feel how strong your legs are getting and to actually notice how lean they are starting to look!
I was able to get these screenshots from my cellphone, I carry it with me so that I can log into Nike+ and track my morning runs. Yes, it does get uncomfortable and heavy but until I get a new watch that has GPS this will have to do.

Via FitFluential on Pinterest
Kary xoxo

17 comments on "Wake Up With Motivation"
  1. Love the picture at the start of the post!!! Beautiful! Spa <3

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful morning indeed :)

  2. this is so awesome! I love setting PR's! :)

    1. It is amazing!! Seriously over the moon feeling :)

  3. That first picture is beautiful. I am not a runner but I bet it feels great once you've reach your goals.

    Your pink running shoes are just gorgeous, I told you that already!

    1. It does feel great to reach your goals and you dear have reached many!! You are amazing!! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your PRs!!! You look amazing! :) SPA <3

    1. Thank you love! Very excited about everything that's going on!! <3


  5. Congratulations on smashing your goals! That's incredible!

    x Jasmine

    1. Thank you Sunshine it does feel amazing! :) I love everything that's going on right now!


  6. You are so inspirational! Well done on beating your times. I can see this makes you really happy and even more confident :) I really love it.

    Your new shoes are awesome by the way and I want to start running now. Miss you guys so much! (I sometimes can't believe we were in the US as well). Big hugs to you and Miguelito. love you x

    1. I am more confident than ever love, I still can't believe at the things that I've achieved. It feels amazing to reach your goals and I'm very excited to reach more :)

      We miss you lots and lots!!!! Big hugs love from Miguelito and I :)

      Love you! xoxo

  7. you rock friend!!! I love my asics too! :) gina

    1. You also Rock!! I'm so happy you got some Asics! Now we are Asics twins!! :)


  8. You are going to keep breaking records dear! Ah I love pink and have pink and silver Asics!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Thank you love, for all the motivating words and rooting! It really means a lot :) Oh, I love the sound of your Asics, pink and silver :) Love it!! xoxo

  9. Congratulations on smashing your previous times! You are amazing!!!!

    One day I will go to Central Park with you! One day!

    x Jasmine


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