2012 Runner Holiday Gift Guide

It's cyber Monday loves and this girl has her credit card ready to go.  
Ha, I wish!
I seriously wish I could buy all the things on my Christmas wish list, if only I'd win some sort of fitness scholarship where I could buy all the fitness gear my heart desired.
 Let's imagine I did?!? 
And that I could pick some items from my Christmas wish list. 
These are just some of the things I'd buy:

 Perfect for these upcoming, very cold morning runs in Central Park. Including my special very race that's coming up! Race?!? Yep, more info coming up on this exciting news :)

I say it over and over again, sparkle and glitter is a must in life!
This girl needs to get her hands on one of these sparkle skirts - STAT!!

These make for a great fun run. I love the color and chevron stripes! What's not to love :)

Earphones that don't fall out while your running or kicking your fats butt?!? Yes please!!
I'll take a pair in pink. Thank you very much!

A B.I.A Training Journal from Believe I Am
Perfect to write down your training and goals. It's full of motivational quotes!

Do the runner in your life a favor and get him or her a pair of compression socks. Not only will they look super cool in them, but it will also help prevent injuries, help improve their performance and endurance, and provide their achy feet some relief!

My heart and feet are aching for some Mizunos!!

This girl loves her Polar FT4 HRM and now it's time to upgrade and get one with GPS! 
This one is my #1 on my wish list!

Aside from running apparel or watches, a nice gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment is always nice. Not only would your favorite runner appreciate it, I'm sure their sore muscles would also love it!
Or the gift of racing! Races can be pricey which can sometimes make it hard to participate in lots of races, a gift card so they can sign up for a race,would be awesome! 

Spoil the runner in your life, they deserve it! 
They train hard, run in the rain, cold, and hot days.
Kary xoxo

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  1. OMG! I want EVERYTHING on this list! haha Perfect gift ideas for runners! Santa baby…get me & Kary some running swagg ;) I can't get over how perfect that pink, sparkly skirt would be on you! ;) I am SOOO proud of you sister! You deserve every bit of this list for working so hard on your goal and making it happen! You're such an inspiration my sweet girl xo