Energizer & Crayola Help You Power The Creativity!

About a week and a half ago munchkin and I were invited to go to the "Power The Creativity Crayola and Energizer event downtown. There we would be able to check out some of the hottest Crayola toys that were of course powered by Energizer, everybody knows that it's the only battery that keeps going and going!


 Trying out the Light Up Tracing Pad! Now all of you know that munchkin loves his art, so once he got a hold of this Crayola toy no on could move him :) He spent the rest of the time left drawing!

An almost finished masterpiece!

While munchkin played I was able to learn a little bit more about Energizer's New Power Seal Technology. Everybody knows that when buying batteries Energizer is the way to go.
 But what's so special about Energizer MAX batteries is that these can now hold their power for 10yrs! What does that mean? That you can stock up on these babies and not worry about having them stored away in a drawer, and that when you have a hysterical child crying by your side because his favorite toy has just run out of life you'll worry about those stored batteries in your drawer, they will be ready for use. Trust me that's not a pretty situation! I remember having one or two of those episodes when munchkin was younger and it wasn't pretty.
You can safely store these for 10 years and find them ready to use. Remember that, as your doing your shopping during the next few days. I know these are top priority for me, as I will be gifting toys. There's nothing worse like an excited child or adult unwrapping a present to find that it needs batteries and there aren't any, do your loved one a favor and get them a pair of batteries if it's called for.

 For my candle lovers, have you ever considered a battery operated candle? I've always wanted to try one but I hadn't found one that I liked. I was gifted an Energizer Flameless Waxed Candle, and can I tell you that I love it. Not only does it do the flicker thing that makes it look so real but it smells amazing!!
When I took it out of the package I couldn't believe it, now munchkin and I just take turns using it. He falls asleep with it next to him every night, and I don't have to worry about their being a fire or him getting burned. Now when I know he's really asleep I'll quietly sneak in to his room and use it for my late night bubble bath, it's great for relaxing in the tub while I read a nice book.
 We love it and you better believe that I will be purchasing more! One for each of us :)

So my loves remember your Energizer Max batteries as you go shopping this holiday season and when you purchase specially marked packs of  Energizer Max AA-16 and AAA-16 batteries you'll find crayola coupons that will help you save up to $20 on selected Crayola products!
Thank you Mom Central, Energizer and Crayola for a wonderful evening!

Kary xoxo

"I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. I attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation."

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  1. kary! i have missed browsing your blog so firstly, i have to say --- YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! and secondly, your little bhubba boy is getting so big and oh-so-handsome that you have to sometime very soon keep a bat at home to keep the girls away.

    i have missed you darling girl! i have opened up a new blog so you can find me at www.allsortsofadorable.blogspot.com

    see you around!