It's The Simple Things In Life... #NaBloPoMo

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
- Paulo Coelho
11.5.12 Munchkin trying to convince me that he needs another winter coat, this one was one size too small. Maybe next time?
11.6.12 It's cold enough for me to wear my hat from Urban Outfitters! Thank you girls for setting me straight and convincing me to buy it :)
11.7.12 We got snow in November, say what?? Yep, that's just the way NY likes to roll!
11.8.12 Happy Mail is always good, especially when it's full of fitness goodies. I'm really excited to try out these Addicted to Sweat DVD'S by Hard Candy Fitness which was co-founded by Madonna. Very exciting indeed. Review coming up next week! Thank you FitFluential, Watch It Now Entertainment and Hard Candy Fitness! Ready to dance and sweat my butt off!!
11.9.12 I woke up to this temperature this morning and did not want to go for my morning run.
11.9.12 My sleepy do I really have to go for a morning run in the freaking cold, look?!?
11.9.12 Central Park re-opened again for the second time and looking all so beautiful, covered in some snow.
11.9.12 But I did it! I got out and got my morning run on, in the cold and muddy park :)
 This mornings run really kicked my butt, just because my asthma combined with the really cold weather wasn't a good combination at all. I had to stop more than usual BUT I am so happy that I pushed myself out the door. I felt great running through the mud (okay that part wasn't really that nice, I kept worrying about my pink sneakers - ha) the funnest part was running through the patches of snow that I encountered, now that was spectacular! Hooray for many more cold morning runs :)

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo


  1. awww He needs another coat, who doesn't :)
    happy running!!

  2. You go girl! So inspirational, even in the snow!

    x Jasmine

  3. snow!! eeeeee! i'm not sure i would go out and run in it! and he loooks cute in his wee jacket :)