It's The Simple Things In Life... #NaBloPoMo

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
- Paulo Coelho
 Monday - 11.16.12
Having a blast with my silly partner in crime!We loved spending hours in Target and checking out all the Christmas decorations that are out. You better believe that we bought some stuff  :)

Tuesday - 11.13.12
 Two comments that totally made my day!
1st One: I saw someone who hadn't seen me in 4yrs and she said I looked beautiful and like I'd lost some weight. 
What was I doing?
2nd One: While we introduced ourselves to Munchkins new music teacher this year, she kept talking to husband only and saying he looks exactly like you. Until he said "oh, people always say he looks exactly like my wife" 
Teacher: Oh, where is she? 
Me: Ummm...Here I am!
Teacher: OMG! I thought you were Miguel's older sister!
Me: No, I'm his mom and I'm 31yrs old (gulp,still can't believe it)
Teacher: You hide your years very well, whats your secret?

Wednesday - 11.14.12
Getting to run in the rain! It was actually fun, as I tried to run faster because I didn't want to get caught in the downpour. Nothing like some rain to make you run a little faster.

Thursday - 11.15.12
Having an awesome dance/sweat session with Madonna's personal trainer, well me following her instructions on the Addicted To Sweat DVD disc 1. Tweeting my pic and having it re-tweeted by Madonna's personal trainer and her saying I was cute! Me? Really?? :) 
 Munchkin was so excited to attend the NYC Crayola & Energizer event!
There he would get to test out Crayola toys that were powered up by energizer. The artist in him was over the moon! More on that day to come!

Friday - 11.16.12
 This is happening today in the night!! Eek!! 
I'm dancing and I can't help it!
A date Friday date night with my sister, her boyfriend, and munchkin makes for a perfect way to end a great week!

Happy Friday Loves,
Kary xoxo


  1. As we get older, hearing that we look so young is like music to our ears, right?? :) Would you believe that I'm 34 years old? People are always surprised when they find that out.