Once a runner, Always a runner....

I always knew I wanted to be a runner, I've always loved the rush and the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement!
That's my mom and I, during one of our races in 1991. 

Thanks to my pappa being a marathoner (he's the one in purple with the Mexican flag on his tank) and him loving to run we were able to grow up in that atmosphere. I remember my dad going to train every afternoon in Central Park. We would all get ready and my mom would take us to the park to wait for my dad, as he ran around the park we played in the playground or jumped rope. My aunts knew to never call the house in the afternoons, because we were always at the park. They said we should have built a house there, oh how I wish that would have been possible.
Every Sunday was race day and we would wake up early to go wait by the finish line and root for our pappa as he ran by us or crossed the finish line. It was our way of life and I loved it!
Before my 1st race - Ha! Look at our faces :) It has to do with that little band-aid on my knee!
My pappa, baby brother and I - after the race!
 It was even more special when my dad started signing us up for races. Sure it was nerve wrecking being in a crowd of women and being only 10yrs old. Not to mention that the day I ran my first race ever was also the day my period decided to make it's appearance, oh and I fell and hurt my knee. So much going on and the race hadn't even started. I remember crying when my mom started to run faster than me, I didn't want to be left behind. I was afraid of losing her in the crowd, but she knew what she was doing. I've always been the kind of person to push myself harder, I hated people wining me or passing me by. The moment my mom started running ahead of me, I knew I had to run faster to catch up to her! I did, yes I was crying and running but I did it!
I finished my first race and I was hooked!

With my pappa after racing in the Race For The Cure - 1993

We grew up a family of runners! Left to Right: My sister, me, mom and baby brother - 1995
  Thanks to my dad and mom's support I was able to participate in many more races! My last race was actually two years after munchkin was born, which means that was back in 2005.
I haven't raced since, no that doesn't mean I stopped loving to run and race. I've always had it in my mind and it's been in up and down journey for 7yrs now. A journey that started with me trying to lose the weight that I'd gained and ended up with me finding my passion for running again!
I was able to find me - I am a runner!!

 And thanks to Girls Gone Sporty I will be able to race again. This girl will be participating in her first race since 2005! I am the first ever GGS grant recipient for the Ambassador group!

I signed up for the grant back in October and patiently waited to see if I would get it. As I lay sick in bed on Sunday - November 18 (date will be engraved in my head) I decided to skim through my email, what else could I do, and my eyes hit "GGS Ambassador Grant". I was scared to open it, what would I do if I didn't get it. I mean you can sign up every month, until you receive a grant than you must wait a certain amount of time to sign up for another one. But my heart was set on this one. 
Why? It's a New Year's Eve race, that's why! That means that I would end 2012 and start 2013 doing what I love most - Running!

 I'm so grateful that my dream is coming true thanks to Girls Gone Sporty!
 I am ending this year with  a bang and I wouldn't have it any other way. The moment my finger hit the submit button on the registration for the Midnight Race I knew it was real. These coming days full of training & mental preparation will be so surreal, until the moment that my feet actually cross that finish line :) 

 Yay! For dreams coming true and a girl finding herself again!!

Thank you Girls Gone Sporty, Laura and you my loves for always rooting me on and believing in me!!

Love you all!!

To train I say - To train :)

Kary xoxo


  1. Awesome! So exciting for you and wonderful that your love of running came from your parents. I love running with my family and kids! Congrats and can't wait to hear about the race! GGS is the best!

    1. It's wonderful! Thanks to my dad, my husband also started running. He's been doing it for 9yrs now and has run the NYC Marathon 3 times. My son is also a runner and they participate in races, now I'm finally joining them :)
      Now we will be a family of runners!

      Thank you so much, GGS is the best!!

  2. I knew your papi runs but I never knew my mami did it too! What a wonderful family thing! It's in you Kary, I am glad you found yourself after all these years that you stopped running.

    I though that baby that your papi is holding was Miguelito! for a second there :)

    Yay your New Year's Eve!! Hugs dear.

    PS I tried to reach you on Monday. No luck. Hugs dear.

    1. Yes! My mami also was a runner, she had to stop because of her real severe asthma. Now she's a walker :)

      Thank you, love! It really does mean a lot to me!!

      You should see pictures of Miguelito when he was a baby, he looks so much like my brother. Like his mini me!

      I know, husband had my cell and I didn't get it till late that night! We must reschedule!! When?? :) Hugs mi Clau!!

  3. Congrats on getting the grant and signing up for your first race. I love races- they are so much fun and I know that you will do great. I have always been a runner too, I think running is a pretty great thing and I feel lucky that I have the ability to do it.

    1. Thank you, love! All the encouragement and rooting will be sure to get through this race!

      Yes, true blessing to have the ability to run. Being a runner is great :)


  4. This post made me tear up Kary!! I just love everything about this post. I am SO proud of you!!! Congrats on the grant. I can't think of a better way to end 2012 and start 2013! You are an inspiration and your passion motivates me and inspires me. You are doing it girl! Good for you ;) I am going to be thinking of you on New Years and cheering you on all the way from Texas! And I can't even tell you how much I love, love, love the pics of little you and your beautiful family! It's crazy how much Miguelito favors ya'll - he looks just like his mommy and like your brother!! I agree with Claudia :) I love you Kary! You are a beautiful runner!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Marz! It really means a lot to me, especially for always being there for me and rooting me on!

      It all feels so surreal to see how far I've come from a year ago :)

      Your rooting will push me through on New Years Eve!!
      So happy Miguelito favors us and not my husband - ha!! Just kidding :)

      Love you Marz!!!

  5. I saw them post the announcement on their FB page and got excited!!!! Congrats! :D Yay!!

  6. I think it's amazing that you have always been a runner. So I'm sure all your hard work now is paying off. Yay for being in your first race after that time off ;) Well done lovely. xx