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We Got This 2012 #NaBloPoMo

This girl is over the moon and you better believe Munchkin and I were screaming and fist pumping last night as they declared Obama the winner :)
We believe in you Mr.President and know that you will make America proud, I know that last night I was proud to be among the many people that voted for you and who feel proud to call you our President!!
 Hooray for another 4 years!!

Rockefellar ready for Election Day 2012
 I'm so happy munchkin got to experience this election 2012 and that he will actually remember it, the Big Apple was buzzing all day yesterday (when isn't it) and we got to enjoy the evening at Rockefeller Center, that got all dressed up as the Democracy Plaza.

U.S Flag on a skyscraper = breathtaking!

U.S. map on the ice skating ring at Rockefeller Center
My mama and munchkin (he's getting so tall, almost our height)
God Bless America!

Kary xoxo

8 comments on "We Got This 2012 #NaBloPoMo"
  1. Hooray for the democratic process and for the re-election of a forward-thinking president who cares about women's rights, health care and equal rights for all!

    Is that your Joe Fresh jacket you're wearing? Love it. And how great to see you and your family at Rock Centre aka Democracy Plaza!


    1. Yes, hooray for re-election and our wonderful president Obama! He is so down to earth, his entire family is and I love him for that! I am still so over the moon and relieved :)

      Lol, it is my Joe Fresh jacket :) and every time I wear it I think of you!! It was a great night to be out in NYC, you could feel the excitement and love for Obama!


  2. OMG Miguelito is getting so tall indeed!

    I loved that video and Obama is so handsome, I voted for him as well. YAY!

    1. He is so tall!! In a few months he will be taller than me - ha! :)

      Obama is very handsome and so down to earth, I seriously love him!! :) Yay, for voting for Obama!


  3. I was so happy with the way the election turned out! I thought what CNN did with the Empire State building was really neat.

    1. Me too! I was really nervous. They did a great job in NYC! :)

  4. Yay, NYC is decked out so nicely! I can't wait to visit! Of course I knew obama would get NY state, but it was such a nail biter!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Our NYC is always so beautiful, I love how it always decks out for special occasions! :) It was a ail biter and I was glued to my seat and so nervous during the entire election.



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