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2012 - New Years Eve..

 This is my last post in 2012 and what I can I say?!? It's been a great one! I finally turned myself around and I can say that I found me again and I'm happy! I know that 2013 will be epic for so many reasons, it will be the year in which my racing journey officially begins and now that I'm me again I can reach other personal goals. It will be the adventure of a lifetime and I'm looking forward to all the new possibilities that will present themselves and all the dreams that I will make come true. I am also very grateful for all of you! I count my blessings with so many of you who've become my closest friends. I give you thanks for all the rooting throughout the year and for your loving comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 2012 an unforgettable one. Love you all!!

I wish you all a Happy New Year! May it be a blessed one full of love, happiness and lots of health. 
May you all continue to bring it!
From my family to yours we wish you all and your loved ones a Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Now to get my running clothes ready for my 1st race in just a few hours :)
I feel like I'm going to throw up, but I know all my training will pay off, when I cross that finish line.
She Believed She Could So She Did
See you all in 2013!!

Kary xoxo

10 comments on "2012 - New Years Eve.."
  1. So proud of you! So glad we met. Congratulations in advance on kicking 2013's butt!

    1. Thank you, so much love! For being a part of my support system!! I'm happy that you were a part of my 2012!! Cheers to kicking 2013's butt!!

  2. Yay for your races! Yes you can do it. Best of luck in this New Year my querida Kary!!

    1. Thank you, Mi Clau!! For being like a sister and for being part of my life for more than 2 years now!! :) Love you mi Clau!!


  3. Go Karina GO! Hope the race is super fabulous as well as 2013 :)

    1. Thank you, mi querida amiga!! :) I hope your 2013 is rocking!!


  4. You are going to have such a wonderful and fit new year. I know it. You inspire me, my gypsy sister

    1. Thank you, love!! I love you always my gypsy sister!!

      Cheers to an epic 2013 where I hope our dreams will come true!!



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