My 1st Two Official race bibs! #getafterit

My cheesy smile with my 1st official running bib :)
Munchkin with his race bib number for The Commitment Day race :) He's ready to #getafterit
My 1st two official race bibs! Eeeeeee....
Today was the day I got to pick up my 1st two official race bibs! Can I just say that my knees were shaking as I said my name at the NYYRC to pick up my race bib. I'm so used to saying my husbands name, munchkins, or my dads. But not this time around, this time it was my name that I was saying and it felt so surreal that I thought I would cry right there on the spot. I am so emotional and excited! 
We than took the bus all the way downtown to pick up munchkins, my mom's, husbands, and mines race bib number for the Commitment Day race. 
January 1st is going to be amazing, two races hours after each other and it's the beginning of my official racing journey.
This girl plans to make 2013 epic!

This girl is ready to crush it and kick some serious ass in 2013!!

Kary xoxo


  1. Amiga!! That is so exciting!! I know you are more than ready for your first race of 2013!!! SO EXCITED for you!! :)

    1. Muchas Gracias, Mi amiga! For all the rooting and support! 2013 will be amazing for all of us!! :)


  2. Woohoo!!!!!! Very exciting stuff! :-)

    1. Double Woohoo! Exciting and nerve wrecking! :) No sleep tonight for sure!

  3. AHHH living vicariously through you! I am in love with this idea of starting on a fresh new slate (or pavement) with some runs! I hope to do a 5 and 10K this coming year if my injuries will just bug off already :)