Santa Claus 2012

11.24.12 - Munchkin chatting away with  Santa
 This year we decided to visit Santa at the ABC Carpet & Home Store, the Macy's ones scare the bejesus out of me. They are so wax like.Yes, my munchkin still believes in Santa Claus! I still believe in him also :)
I give it two more years :( But I'll try my best.

Loved this!
Those little pink trees were - $75 and up!
 I fell in love with the decor, very pricey but a girl can dream!

Santa Claus was a sweetheart, he was really jolly :) Munchkin loved being able to talk with Santa and telling him what he wanted for Christmas. 
All he wants for Christmas is some Lego's and a Diary Of  A Wimpy Kid book.

Do your children still believe in Santa Claus?
Did you go see him already?

Kary xoxo


  1. Beautiful family picture with Santa Kary! I have to explain to Xavi Santa does not have a lot of money at times. I love Miguelito's wish list. Sending you kisses. I will call you once the holidays end how about that? stay warm dear ;)

    1. Thank you, Mi Clau! I have to explain that to Miguelito every year. Yes, once the holidays are over sounds great!!


  2. that Santa looks so real Kari! but I agree with you that some Santas look awfully scary.

    My little girl stopped believing a while ago in Santa and she used to tell everyone he was not real. I always had a lot of explaining to do.

    1. He does! I loved this Santa1 I need to post the pic of a scary one we saw one year, he seriously was like a scary wax doll!

      I'm going to be sad the day Miguelito stops believing in Santa :)