Say NO to dog & cat Mills! #HAPPYHOWLidays

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Mom Central ASPCA blogger event which was held at the UES, ASPCA center. There we would listen to some of the ASPCA workers and get a tour of the facility. While we waited for the event to begin we were able enjoy a lovely breakfast and chat with fellow mom bloggers.

 Soon after breakfast we got the chance to listen at how the ASPCA program works and how great it is to adopt a puppy or cat with them. Not only do they offer great programs like their "Meet Your Match Program", where they help you go home with the right dog for you and your family. Or their behavioral classes that are available when you adopt a dog with them, at $25 for 4 classes it's a total steal. 
The biggest plus?! When adopting with ASPCA you are saying NO to dog and cat mills!

We've all seen the cute little puppies and kitties at the pet stores and go ahhhhhhh! Or run inside to pet them.
I know I've done it before :( But what I didn't know is that these animals come from dog or cat mills.
Where they are locked inside tiny cages, that are very unsanitary, no human contact, no comfort and where they are constantly being breeded.
That's why you must not buy from a pet shop!! But what will happen to those poor animals. Well first of all there is supply and demand. If the shop owners see that the animals are not being sold, the prices start being slashed until the dog or cat is sold. They see it's really not worth it to sell these pets, so they will stop selling them. If you see cruel things going at a pet store contact your local authority and they can help, unless it's a concern about the animals not being fed or their cage being a little bit dirty. That's where you call your local ASPCA center and they will help!
Do not buy at these pet shops where dogs or cats are being sold, do not support them. Take your business somewhere else!
You can find more information on the benefits of of adopting a puppy rather than buying one from a pet store here.
Don't support dog and cat mills!!

After the QA's we got the chance to see the beautiful dogs and cats that need homes!
It broke my heart to see the dogs and cats that are in need of a good loving home but it made me happy to see that they were at a center where they were being nicely cared for and being loved until they find the perfect home!

This cutie kept on playing with my sister.

This was the cutest and playful kitty ever

At this point I started to break down. Look at that little face!

Another cutie :)

So, my loves! Remember that when thinking about a pet for your family go to a shelter or an ASPCA adoption center, where your newest addition will be waiting for you. In the meantime if adopting a dog or cat is not an option there are still ways that you can help out! 
You can donate here and $0.60 a day can make a difference!
Donate today and help save lives :)

For behavioral tips and information on bringing home new pets into the family go to:

If you decide to adopt a pet this holiday season you can go to your local ASPCA adoption center and use code: HAPPYHOWLidays to receive 10% off the adoption fee.

Happy Howlidays my friends!

Kary xoxo 

 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the ASPCA. I attended an informational breakfast and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


  1. Aww Kary what a great event to attend. I do love looking at puppies and kittens in the pet store but I would prefer to buy from a breeder or rescue one :)

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