Technology Sucks!!

My computer crashed last week! All my pictures, songs, important documents and files are gone! I'm mad and sad, I've been doing a lot of crying. I lost a lot of important pictures ;( I also haven't blogged for a week now! I'm hoping to borrow a laptop tomorrow so I'm hoping to be able to blog. This post is being done on my iPod! I'm keeps g my fingers crossed that some if the pictures will be saved! Ugh, please keep your fingers crossed!

Love, Kary xoxo


  1. don't worry, my sisters computer died years ago and she had all her photos of her first baby there and I was able to save them. So unless someone wiped the hard drive all the information is still there. I am sure you will be able to save it all ;)

    1. Thank you, Katyha! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :( I have someone working on it!!


  2. oh thats awfull i dont know what i would do! I did satrt to save all my pictures onto discs a few months ago and this has just reminded me to get doing that again!! Hope you can save some :(

  3. :( i wish we were near by! marco can probably get all of it back for you. keep everything just in case!

  4. Hopefully you get some holiday cheer in the mail soon ;)