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1.28.13 Vlog Update!

P.S. The Midnight Run was my dad's 1st race years ago! He's already run numerous marathons :)
The cold weather makes me ramble!

Kary xoxo
4 comments on "1.28.13 Vlog Update!"
  1. Oh Kary I miss talking to you! I know you can do this half marathon because you are training and being positive. Well done on taking this step.

    P.S. Did you ever receive anything in the mail from me? xx

    1. We miss you lots!! I miss meeting up!! I hate that Australia is so far away :(

      Thank you so much for all the rooting!!

      I did receive your sweet package! Thank you and it's part of my half marathon training!


  2. I believe you can do that half marathon too!

    Oh my it's snowing :/ in your neck of the woods, then I guess it is warmer here. The other day some water on the sidewalk was frozen and very slippery!

    I love you Kary!

    1. Thank you, Mi Clau!

      It's so scary cold here, it's much better this week but last week was horrible!! :(

      I love you Mi Clau!!



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