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78 Days 23 Hours Till...

I run my first half-marathon! 
Yeah, I said it out loud and just told all of you! Now there's no way I can back out! 
Only thing missing is hitting that send button in the online application.

It took me some time to get out of that "I can't do it" mentality and it's still nagging me in the back of my head, but when I mentioned signing up I received SO much support from so many of you! Again I thank you all for all the rooting and support in this new journey of mines. I know it won't be easy but I believe I can and I will!

 April 14, 2013 
Is my day!!!

Any advice for this first time half marathon runner is welcome :)

Kary xoxo

7 comments on "78 Days 23 Hours Till..."
  1. Run over the challenges!! Me gusta, Kary tu puedes lograr lo que te propones. I love your attitude!

    1. Muchas Gracias, Mi Clau!! I'm hoping I can run over this challenge! Las rodillas me estan temblando :)

  2. Very exciting!!!!! The 1/2 marathon is my favorite distance to run.

  3. How exciting! I'll be cheering you on from down under!

    x Jasmine

    1. Thanks, Sunshine!!! Your cheering from down under will help keep my legs moving :)


  4. yup I have no doubts that you will totally rock it!


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