Flavorful packed bottles! #healthyslim

FRS - There's something for everyone!
How many times have you tried a protein, energy or healthy drink to help you curb your appetite that actually tasted good?!?
Raising my hand here! I've bought many, and when I say many I mean that husband was getting annoyed at all the half opened bottles just hanging around in my refrigerator. 
There was always something that just didn't work, it was either the after taste or the smell that hit me just as I opened the bottle that made me gulp down just a little sip of those products. 
I've seen the FRS bottles for a while now and have always been intrigued by the bottle, I mean come on! Doesn't the colorful bottles full of fruit pictures call your name?!?
 And they won a Best Protein Drink Award in 2012!

 You better believe that I was very excited to find a box of FRS goodies waiting for me at home, when I was about done from a long day with the munchkin. I loved that I got to try the drinks and their chews.

Husband being greedy with the FRS Protein drink flavor - Blackberry Acai
Brother taking FRS with him to his basketball game!
They are family friendly and yummy. It was a constant war here with my boys fighting over which one they would get to try. Finally I had to give in and share not only with them but also with my brother, what a girl has to do to get them to be quiet!

Verdict: They are delicious!! Upon opening the bottle for the protein Blackberry Acai, you will take a whiff and get a hint of the vitamin smell but trust me that you will forget it the moment that you take a sip. The drinks are not too sweet and you can actually taste the fruit. The chews are delicious and the gum reminds me of chiclets - big ones. I made sure to chew some before my morning runs and they helped with that extra little push. My munchkin was also able to enjoy the protein one with us and that's all he wants to drink now.
Those little bottles are packed with flavor and, protein, fibers that are good for our digestive system and tons of other good stuff that's good for us. You can read more info about their products here.

FRS is definitely a must try drink!

Have you tried FRS before?

Kary xoxo

Disclosure: As a member of FitFluential I was sent FRS products to review. All opinions are my own!

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