Third Times A Charm...

Two times I've already walked out of Best Buy empty handed. I've gone in with the goal of walking out with my new MacBook, yet both times I've just ended up staring at them.
I have no idea what's wrong, I'm starting to think that I'm way too attached to my current laptop and that's why I haven't moved forward! Even though my Toshiba has been acting up for a long time now it still breaks my heart to let it go. Yes, yes, major dork. But that's just the kind of girl that I am! 

They say the third times a charm :) Sunday is the day I get my new laptop, for real this time!

Do you get attached easily?

Kary xoxo

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  1. ahh I am the same way! I still have my old laptop because I just can't bare to part with it. I am so sentimental over the dumbest things!