DramaFever Latino

Calling all my telenovela and international television fans!
Your bored with nothing to see on television and wish you could enjoy some great Telenovelas whenever you want?!?
Well now you can! At DramaFever.com, the online TV network with hundreds of free international shows with English subtitles. 
Drama Fever launched in 2009 and is available on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Roku. Right now their library is comprised of over 13,000 episodes from 60 content partners across 12 countries.
Their Latino library is about to get even better with new releases including Maid In Manhattan (novela from Telemundo) and El Clon! You can't go wrong with El Clon, I know it had me at hello.
They will also be adding "Isabel" which was an exciting recent hit in Spain, which told the story of a young girl who would become the controversial Isabella the Catholic.
Are you excited yet? Well guess what?!?

If you don't already use DramaFever, here is your chance to try it:
(To activate the promo sign up with an email, not with Facbeook)

To celebrate the launch of DramaFever Latino which brings great telenovelas and series from Latin America and Spain.  DramaFever is giving C'est La Vie readers a free one-month Premium membership pass. This pass gives you unlimited ad-free access to the entire content library of telenovelas and international shows, and the ability to watch on any of the devices mentioned above.
A great way to sit back and relax after a long day!

DramaFever Latino currently offers a variety of telenovelas and series from South America and Spain, including the thrilling Argentinean series "Killer Women" and the exciting Spanish show "One Step Forward"

So go sign up and kick back, relax and take a look at DramaFever Latino to start streaming these and other newly released telenovelas for free. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Kary xoxo

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