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Karina In Simple Terms

1- I'm afraid of death! Just yesterday as husband and I sat down in Starbucks and drank our coffee, he started talking about how time is going by and one day he will leave all of this behind. I started crying, I don't want to die, like never!! And I don't want anyone that I love to die! But such is the circle of life and it sucks, the unknown scares me.

2- I LOVE chocolate!! I'm a chocolate addict and I need serious help :)

3- My favorite season is Spring! It's the perfect weather, sunny and breezy! Plus it's just a few months away.

4- I love Tom Cruise, Love him! No matter how cray, cray he may seem!

5- I'm a family girl above all and my BF is my mom! And like all best friends we also have our days but she is my mom and I love her so much!

Tell me something about you!

Kary xoxo

11 comments on "Karina In Simple Terms"
  1. #1 scares me too :(

    #4 Tom Cruise?? I'll go for Robert Downey Jr! I want me some Iron Man :)

    1. I'm happy I'm not alone with number#1 :(

      Lol, Robert Downey Jr is very hot!! You get Iron Man and I get Tom Gun! :)


  2. #1 scares me too
    #2 is one of my favorite things!

    1. I see that I'm not alone on #1 It's scary! :(

      Chocolate lovers unite!! :)

  3. With my dad being sick and our many morbid talks on the subject, i have a different view of death than I use to. However, talking about it makes me cry a lot!!! I am more of a sour candy lover, although i haven't had any in months!!!! I love spring and fall. Is it weird I don't have a famous crush. I seriously do not think any man is as hot as my hubby. No lie!! He is a stud!!! And I lOVE that you are a family girl and I love you!!! :-) Have a great day lady!!!! xoxoxox

    1. Death follows me, it seriously does! My husband lost his dad a few years ago and it was very hard. Long story :( But yes I cry a lot!!! When talking about death :(

      I love sour candy, the sour patch gummies :) I used to torture myself with cry baby candy!

      Spring and Fall!! Fall is also beautiful :)

      No wonder you never post pics of your hot handsome!! Don't post any!!! No way!! I'm curious though!! But I already knew he was a stud because you my friend are one hot mama And together you both made the cutest baby girl ever!!

      I love you!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!

    2. Ha ha ha you make me laugh ;-) There are a few pics of him up. Death seems to follow me as well :-( I lost 4 friends last year and already one this year. I tend to go to a lot of funerals.
      You are the hot mama xoxoxox

  4. I hate to think about losing the people I love, or about having to leave them. It's terrifying.

    I love spring, too. It's my favourite... because of the lighter evenings, the tulips and daffodils and cherry blossoms, Easter and my birthday! It's so hard to believe that last spring I was in NYC. I wish we could return this March. I'd do it in a heartbeat. How fabulous would it be for us to hang out on the UWS once more?

    Lots of love to you, Kary!

  5. Something about me? I'm 4'11" tall. :)

    Even though it's scary, it's good to think about it while you can together for your children. Talk about it no matter how scare you are....sorry, that's the licensed insurance agent coming out in me. Many people don't make plans for the one thing that scares them the most. <3

  6. I've never been scared of death but if I was scared of anything it would have to be dying a painful death or just pain in general. And not a Tom Cruise fan either but I do have one in common, the love of chocolate. I MUST send you some from Australia. I got to say I went to Chile and had chocolate there but it was nothing like our Aussie chocolate. I'll send you a bunch of my favourites very soon ;)

    Hope you have been well chica, cuidate. Besitos xx


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