Karina In Simple Terms

My Care Bear ornament found yesterday while thrifting :)

1) I LOVE thrifting. There's been days when I've gone thrift shop hopping!

2) There was a time when I would not eat Cauliflower because it reminded me of a brain. But I finally got around to tasting it and it's really good. That goes to show that you should never judge food by the way it looks. I'm still working on not judging food.

3) I have a crazy obsession with nail polish, seriously they are everywhere around my apartment. Husband just laughs at my crazy obsession.

4) Music is my life! You can always find me playing loud music, dancing and singing around my apartment.

5) There was a time in which dogs scared me, I would always shy away from them. Thanks to an incident with a strangers dog when I was little. Our Manhattan helped me, I will always remember the first time he came home and he barked I screamed so loud - ha!

What are some things about you?
Do you like thrifting?

Kary xoxo


  1. I love thrifting. I've started in high school and my Mom pretty much furnished our family house with find from tag sales and estate sales. I go to thrift stores or consignment stores often...when I do go to other stores, I have a tough time paying full price and often find myself saying I"ll probably find something similar at the thrift. I was scared of dogs too!! Until we got our family pup, and now I have my own.

    1. Isn't thrifting the best?! What I love most is finding unique pieces that not everyone else has, aside from the bargains :)

      Yes, our pup was goo therapy, he still is :)


  2. I have never really tried thrifting before, but I always see and hear about people finding great deals. I can't eat cauliflower. It grosses me out.

    1. You should! It's great to find awesome bargains and unique pieces :)

      Haha! I still can't eat cauliflower all the time, it still grosses me out a little bit. Husband can't stand it :Z


  3. I love thrift shopping too! I do my weekly trips :) Have a nice weekend!