New Toy!

Oh happy day!! Yay, this finally happened! I was able to walk into Best Buy and not walk out empty handed. I cam out with a new notebook in hand :)
I am one happy girl, well munchkin is also over the moon! He hasn't stopped playing with iMovie, that's what they are teaching him in computer class at school. 
I won't lie and say that I don't feel just a little bit guilty. I'm not used spending crazy amounts of money at once. We work hard for the money, but husband has reassured me that's ok and that I should go ahead and enjoy "my" new laptop :)
Plus we give thanks to Best Buy and their 18 month free of interest finance option.

Now comes an even funner part?!? Pimping my new laptop :)
Pink-tified it shall be!!
Ignore me and my crazy made up words.
This was the perfect way to end my Weekend!

Now tomorrow even more happiness is in store because I get to spend it with my two boys! 
No school and no work = luckiest girl ever!

Hope your weekend was great loves and that your Monday is even better!

Kary xoxo


  1. That is a fun new toy! Last week I got a samsung galaxy tablet and I am obsessed with it!

  2. Felicidades dear Kary! Enjoy your new toy!!