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Tis Raining Outside...

It's raining outside and the wind almost broke my umbrella this morning as I went to drop munchkin off at school. So what do you do on a rainy day, instead of sulking around?!?

Why, you listen to Ice MC and you dance around in your PJ'S of course!!
I might add that I'm singing loudly and dancing like the chick from Flashdance - ha!
 Only I'm sure I'm not hot looking like her and instead I look like a mad woman!

Hope it's much drier where your at :)
Happy Wednesday Loves!

Kary xoxo

3 comments on "Tis Raining Outside..."
  1. The city looks beautiful, is that from your window?? It's drier here. I love you lots!!

  2. No, I wish :( It's the view from a shopping mall! :)

    Enjoy the drier weather!

    I love you lotssssss!!!!!!


  3. This made me want to dance! I hope the weather is ok now dear!

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