Etsy Favorites...

I'd addicted to Etsy and I can spend hours just adding everything to my favorites :) If I ever won the lottery it would definitely all go to buying Activewear and Etsy stuff!

These are just some of my favorites for this week:

Zombies painted TOMS from Dreamin Bohemian - Yes please!!

Trespassers will be eaten by zombies metal garden sign from Zed's Zombie Ranch

Walking Dead heels from Faith Is Fabulous

Daryl Dixon Embroidered Pillow Case cover from Tada Boutique

DIY The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Top from Ellen's Diy
I might have bought myself one of these shirts after hitting publish on this post :)

What are some of your Etsy favorites?
I'd love to see, you can find me on Etsy as Eeyore4eva

Now I'm off to get ready to pick munchkin up from school, take him to his guitar class and buy some last minute supplies before this north eastern storm hits us, yes! Another snowstorm on it's way, Winter just won't go away! The wind is already crazy and it's cold - brrrrr...
Stay safe my loves!!

Kary xoxo

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  1. Yay, zombies! I love The Walking Dead, it's my favourite show at the moment!

    x Jasmine