Happy 1st Day Of Spring

1st Day of Spring morning run!
Happy 1st Day Of Spring Loves!!
I celebrated by getting my run on :) It was a little bit crazy to think it was the first day of Spring since there was snow on the ground! How crazy is that?!? 
NYC didn't get the it's Spring memo :(
This girl is really looking forward to sunny, breezy days and even though I love snow I think we've had our fair share to last us till next Winter!

Rita's Icees rock!

Cherry for munchkin, Mango for me!

Watermelon fro-yo for munchkin and chocolate for me!

Early run, free icees from Rita's and free fro-yo with munchkin to start off Spring 2013 = total perfection!

Happy Spring 2013 Loves!

How did you spend the first day of Spring?

Kary xoxo

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