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My Saturday in a nutshell!

Love my munchkin!
My lobster (husband)

Nothing makes my heart happier like spending the day with my boys! They make my heart go thump - thump! Since munchkin is on Spring Break and all the usual activities are cancelled for vacation we were able to spend the day playing tourist in our city that never sleeps. We enjoyed lunch at Panera, a nice walk through Central Park and some walking around downtown. After a day full of walking we went home and enjoyed watching Wreck It Ralph and Breaking Dawn Part 2 in bed :)
It was a perfect Saturday indeed!

Hope your Saturday was great :)

Kary xoxo

4 comments on "My Saturday in a nutshell!"
  1. sounds perfect, wish I was there :(
    I'm wondering if you ever got my little package? it was posted about 3 weeks ago....

    1. WIsh you were here also!! No, I haven't gotten your package - just hope the post didn't lose it :(


  2. that sounds like a wonderful day! (plus I love panera. for a chain, they are really good!!!) I watched both of those movies on the (never-ending) plane ride home. and then watched wreck it ralph when I got back because it was on tv and nate hadn't seen it yet. it was cute, I love kid movies!!!
    happy spring break to you!

    1. Yes, Panera is so good for a chain. I can't get enough of their hazelnut coffee :)

      Kid movies are the best! :)

      Happy Spring love!!



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