Out of the mouth of munchkin..

So, I was watching Friends and munchkin was running around and not watching the TV.
 Oh, so I thought! The word condom was screamed and next thing I know this conversation happened:

Munhckin: Condom? Mami, what's a condom?
Me: Clearing my throat...
Munchkin: Mami?!?
Husband walks in the room: It's something adults use.
Munchkin: For what?
Me: Don't worry about that right now, it's just something adults use.
Munchkin: It's a drug, right? That's why it's for adults?!?

Only out of the mouths of kids. I'm already working out how we will be talking to munchkin about the birds and the bees. Any suggestions?

Kary xoxo

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  1. Sex is my speciality.
    hahaha I love saying that. But yea, I can totally help you with the birds and the bees regarding what is developmentally appropriate.