#BrillantRun My Blues and I

Rocking my Wave Inspire 9 the day they arrived :) 
Everybody knows that in order to have a #brilliantrun you must wear a pair of Mizunos!
They are the comfiest pair of running shoes ever, not only that but the colors and designs are out of this world!
Mizuno's had been on my running shoe list for a long time and every time husband and I would go into a running store, I'd always go and say "Hi" to a pair of Mizuno running shoes. But luck was on my side and I won the pair show above on a blogger giveaway! It took me forever to make up my mind on which pair I wanted, all of them are just so darn pretty!

Perfect for running on the snow!
Helping me have a #brilliantrun
I picked the Wave Inspire 9 (they are perfect for people with mild to moderate overpronation) and they have been my running buddies ever since! 
  We are inseparable. They have helped me through my morning runs during these harsh Winter days, I got to run through snow for the first time while wearing my blue's (my Mizunos nickname) and now they will accompany me the upcoming seasons. I've already kicked off this Spring season with my blue's and it's been great. They've helped me prepare myself for my 1st Half Marathon, which is this upcoming Sunday - gulp!
My blue's will also help me prepare myself for my first 10k which is in June, yep I've signed up for yet another race! My blues and I are on a roll and together we will continue to have a #brilliantrun!
I'm now dreaming of my next pair of Mizunos! I think this girl needs a new pair for June, a girl can never have too many Mizunos :)

What is your favorite pair of running shoes?

Kary xoxo

P.S. This post is not sponsored and I just wrote about my blues because I think Mizuno rocks and I love my running buddies!

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