I survived..

Eeekkk!! It was my first day at an actual gym and I was feeling so nervous!
It's been years that I've stepped foot in an actual gym and me being the shy girl that I am I was freaking nervous.
I need to stop worrying about other people and the feeling of them focusing on me. I mean I've already learned on my morning runs that we all just go to do what we've set our mind on and we don't worry about others. So the same applies when going to the gym. Everyone is there with a goal or to release some stress and no one cares about what your doing.
I'm so lucky to have an active and fit dad who's a member of the NYSC
We met after work and together got our cardio on! I did some bicycle, treadmill, stairs and just a little bit of weights (for now). My Polar was forgotten at home and therefore my heart rate wasn't recorded. But I didn't forget my purple reebok Get After It shirt and my customized Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0's they made my date with the gym a very fun one indeed.
Once again I went out of my comfort zone but it was so worth it. Plus you have to love the gym perks of a sauna, and masseuse :)
 Now all this girl needs to do is work her nerve up to take some classes.

Are you a member of a gym?
What was your big milestone?

Kary xoxo


  1. I love NYSC and was actually a member for like 2-3 years but the prices got out of control. This past year Ive been mostly running or walking outside and doing strength training at home. I have been contemplating going back to a gym myself. I know EXACTLY how you feel in terms of being a little self-conscious our shy about the people around you (Ive felt like that myself!!) but I think if you keep going consistently that goes away and going to the gym just becomes a normal part of the routine, anxieties aside! Great workout :)

    1. Since my dad got a free 2 month membership that's how I will use the Gym! I know what you mean about the prices, you might as well join Crunch for those prices.

      I'll be happy to use the gym on my in between days. I do prefer running outside and that is one of the best ways to keep in shape. :)

      I wouldn't trade my running for anything else!


  2. Yay for fitness! I've actually never been to a gym :( Hugs dear!

  3. good for you, Karina! I prefer the gym to running outside. I wish I could run outside b/c I'd save a heck of a lot of money! [ps tomorrow my class is learning a poem by jose pacheco and I always think of you as I prepare the lesson!]

  4. I'm a member of a gym and I go pretty regularly. My biggest hurdle is pushing myself. I tend to be a bit "Oh, let's do a bit of this and a bit of that" and be done with it. When really, I should be making my body feel alive!

    I LOVE doing weights. The heavier the better!

    x Jasmine