Motivational Monday

Remember this, if your weekend wasn't a good one. Today is a new day, not necessarily because it's Monday and the beginning of a new week, but because it's not yesterday and the possibilities are endless! 
So, get up and go for a walk, run, or get your cardio on. Whatever it is, it's way better than being a couch potato!
Life is too short and beautiful for us not to enjoy every single moment and treating our bodies like temples.

We are al beginners at some point in our journey, so don't over think it! That person who's running laps around you was once a beginner and taking baby steps. With motivation and dedication you too can be the best that you can be :)

We all have it in us to be GREAT!! 

Happy Monday Loves!
Now go and be the awesome person that I know that you are!!

Kary xoxo