Back to normal....Almost!

I can't believe that it's been a week that I posted this post here and today the nightmare is almost finally over. Yes, after getting home from the ER munchkin slept through the night, but now I'm sure that it was thanks to the meds, because once the clock hit 8am, munchkin was up and feeling sick. He was with the diarrhea and vomiting non-stop once again. They told us it was just a stomach infection at the hospital earlier so I waited but just watching my munchkin so sick once again was the last straw. By the time we went to the ER again Friday early morning, munchkin couldn't walk anymore, his heart was racing so fast and I was so worried! I thought I would break down right there. It was another morning full of more blood test, and stool testing, in which munchkin went through 3 IV bags, the doctor said her gut instinct told her that the right thing to do was hospitalize munchkin until he was good again.
My heart was hurting to see my child so sick.
My munchkin finally got his room at around 9:30pm. We finally got some news the next day when they told us he had Rotavirus. Finally an answer, he was able to get nausea medicine, and pain medication. He went through a total of 9 IV bags during his stay at the hospital and one very long one hour potassium transfer in which he cried during the entire time. He wanted to rip the needle out, it hurt so bad. Meanwhile all I could do was be stern and tell him that it was so he could go home that Sunday night! What I really wanted to do was take his place and make all the pain go away. 

Sunday night at around 8pm after being told he was going to be released from the hospital.
It's now Thursday and munchkin is finally going back to school. He is still dehydrated and not eating like normal. He's on a strict diet of bananas, white toast, dry rice, otherwise know as the BRAT diet but he's pain free and nausea free so that's a plus!
So my loves that's why I've been missing from this little corner here!
Before I say goodnight and get ready for tomorrow I want to say Thank you so much! I received so much love and support via twitter, facebook and Instagram! You all helped me pull through this very scary moment and I love you all so much! You are all truly amazing!

Kary xoxo


  1. so glad to hear that he is on the mend :) it isn't nice watching your child when they are ill and not being able to help them. But I am so so glad to hear that he is getting better :) it is fantastic news Karina...pensando en ti xx

    1. Oh no, it never is!! It was horrible but I'm so happy to see him smiling again :)

      Gracias amiga! xoxo

  2. Your poor baby! I am glad that he is finally feeling better. What a scary thing to have to experience for both you and him.

    1. It was especially for him. I feel like he grew up a little bit more during this whole thing.

  3. He will be good as new soon! Gracias a Dios ya pasaron esta tribulacion!