Psssttt... Ain't no rain stopping us!

It's been pouring the past few days here in NYC, which kind of sucks because you really can't go anywhere. Unless, Lego does an awesome exhibition in the middle of Times Square! Say what?!? Um, rain what rain! Just in case you haven't heard a new series called the Yoga Chronicles will be coming out in Cartoon Network and they made this AMAZING unveiling in NYC! They built a life size Star Wars X-wing fighter, and it was made out of 5 million lego pieces! This is only happening till tomorrow Saturday after that it will be taken over to LegoLand.
 Ahhh!! It was an amazing and fun experience and even though it was pouring munchkin and i had a blast, you will notice by our smiles that it was a fun Friday evening!

Warning - Picture Overload

Munchkin with Darth Vader

Munchkin got to build his own mini X-wing fighter and take it home  (free of charge)
Fun activities
Chewie and munchkin the best of friends!

May the force be with you! Or in my case talk to the hand.
Going to outer space and we be a little crazy!
Before we left we got to go inside the X-wing fighter and go into outer space.

This girl is truly blessed, it was great to spend my Friday evening with my munchkin :)

Hope your Friday was great!

Kary xoxo


  1. Looked like a really cool exhibit to see. Glad you didn't let the rain stop you. :-)

  2. I loved these photos on Instagram. It looked like SO much fun!

    x Jasmine