#IWILL Ready Or Not?!

So, tomorrow is my 10K, the Oakley Mini 10K to be specific.
Say what, oh my gosh!! I've been very quiet about it for many reasons.
I wasn't sure that I'd do it and because it's been 2 months since I've done a proper run. Many things have happened, some you guys know about, others I hope I can share with you guys soon :)

In the meantime I've convinced myself that I got this! I mean I did do a half marathon with the flu! I know this is really different because I haven't run at all, but my plan is to walk when I have to and to take it easy.

I got this! I will!!

P.S. I'm super nervous!

Kary xoxo

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  1. I know you've already run this, but I thought I'd comment anyway. You are such an inspiration Sunshine :)

    x Jasmine