A day with my boys

I always feel blessed after spending a day with my boys, especially since Humbe works 6 days a week and is off on Mondays. Munchkin is usually at school and when he comes out its Taekwondo, homework, dinner and sleep. So we really can't enjoy our time together, that's why Summer days are the best. Especially Summer Mondays, they are the best because we get to fully enjoy our day together.

We love our Chipotle
Chocolate fro-yo with almonds, mixed nuts, raspberries, wafers and granola
Today was no exception. We woke up early to catch an early showing of Wolverine, at our favorite movie theater with the reclining red seats. It is a must see movie, I absolutely loved it and fell more on love with Logan. After the movie we went thrifting, for lunch we picked Chipotle - our favorite place to eat at. And then walked some more, after walking for a while we decided to get some dessert before heading home, and what's better than some fro-yo from Pinkberry to end a perfect day with my boys.
I truly am blessed!

Kary xoxo

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