I'm a Toys"R"Us kid..

Hanging out with my buddy E.T. on the Toys"R"Us Ferris Wheel!
My partners in crime. We love Ferris Wheel!
Munchkin riding away on his motorcycle.
Fruit salad made by my pappa.
Munchkin had a dentist appointment and the office was a few blocks away from Times Square. We couldn't ignore the big toy store. So in we went! I mean they have a huge ferris wheel in the middle of the store. How can you not get on it :)
Our morning consisted of ferris wheel rides, gummy's covered in chocolate, arcade games and of course a quick stop at Forever21. 6 hours of non-stop walking can be very tiring, and I was so grateful to be welcomed home with a fruit salad made by my pappa.
So much yumminess - melon, watermelon, apples, and white nectarines.

Perfect Summer day with a perfect ending!
I am truly blessed with the best family ever.

Cheers to amazing Summer days.

Kary xoxo


  1. How amazing is a Ferris wheel inside a store??? I am glad it was right after the dentist! Have a lovely weekend dear we are off to the Aguilar's Family Reunion!

    1. It's a amazing!! When you guys make it over here to NYC we will definitely take you to ride the Ferris Wheel!! :)

      Have fun my dear!!