#Saucony - I'm not very happy with you!

My running buddy
It's been a while since I've been running in Central Park and this past Saturday seemed like the perfect day. Plus, my daddy asked me to go for a run with him :)
How could I say no?!?
I was up at 6:30 am, have to beat that summer heat. We were at the park by 7am.
The plan was to just run an easy 3 to 4 miles, because it has been a while that I've gone for a run.

 So I figured it would be a good time to give the Saucony Kinvara 4 a try.
I received them at the FitBlogNYC event I went to back in May. 
It was 5 minutes that I'd walked out of my house and we were walking towards the park and I could feel the back of the shoe a little bit rough, but I figured it would go away.
Once we were 10 minutes into our run I felt the burning in the back of my ankle, we stopped so I could loosen up the shoelaces and see if it was that. But I could feel the sneaker very rough and the way it rubbed on my sock. By mile 1 I could feel the pain and knew that my ankle was already peeled, oh the pain. I wanted to stop, I even kept looking to see if I saw an ambulance just so I could ask for bandaids, no luck. We were far from the house and to finish we still had about 3 more miles to go. The harder I tried to run the more pain I felt, it felt like something was drilling the back of my ankles. I dared not look, and there were times when I felt my ankles falling asleep. When we finished our run, I told my dad to keep walking fast because I was so scared of my feet cooling down and really feeling the pain.
At this point my eyes darted to the back of my feet!
Oh, yeah! That's what the Kinvaras 4 did to the back of my feet.
My dad said "Yikes, your bleeding! Ouch"
Double ouch, I limped home and the scariest part was peeling of those socks :(
Oh, and let me not forget taking a shower. That water running down my legs was a pain and I did let out some screams.
Saucony should really think about lowering the back side of the shoes. I've never, ever had any problems breaking in any other running sneakers. You better believe that I won't be running with these anytime soon and that when I do use them again for walking, lots of bandaids will be used!
Let me just say that I did feel like a total bad ass for pushing though an hour of excruciating pain!

Have you ever had any experience with Saucony sneakers?
Did you ever have nay trouble breaking in new running sneakers?

Kary xoxo


  1. Oh no! I usually try to wear my new shoes around the house or for errands to break them in before running in them. I have never worn Saucony shoes.

  2. omigoodness that looks so awful! I had that problem with some new walking boots, these days you shouldn't need to 'walk in' new boots and I wore some to London and ended up having to buy some new shoes as the boots made both my ankles swell up where they dug in my legs!