Flying 2013....

Next week at around this time we will boarding a plane to Mexico. I'm so excited and blessed to be able to go again this year, I know it will be a while that I actually get to go back to Mexico and my plan is to fully enjoy my family in Mexico. Especially my great-grandmother. We will be there till September 2nd, a total of 3 weeks :)
Just in time to plan munchkins birthday which is on September 5th, I can't believe my baby is turning 10 already. Where does the time go!
These days counting down to our trip are going to go by way too fast, with last minute shopping, packing and blog planning and next thing I know I'll be back in my beautiful Mexico that I love so much.

Did you go anywhere special this Summer?

Kary xo


  1. Have fun in Mexico! 3 weeks is time to see a lot of great things. No fun trips for me this summer, boo. I might be going to NYC in September when my hubby is there for work training.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! Love you! xx