#HuggiesLatino Parenting tip

Quick parenting tip: Always make sure to carry a second set of clothes for your baby!

When I became a mom for the first time to my munchkin I would always forget to carry a second set of clothes for him, always. No matter how many times my mom or husband would remind me. I remember my munchkin being 2 months old and it being December, we had a doctors appointment. I had to change his diaper and we went to the changing table. I laid him down and started to change his diaper, while I got his other huggies diaper ready the little rascal started to pee!! I grabbed his diaper and covered him but sadly enough for me he had already peed all over his clothes, and yes this mama had forgotten to bring an extra set of clothes. My child got to go home wearing only his huggies diaper and wrapped up in his jacket only. So you must always carry an extra set of clothes for your baby. Oh and if your wondering that if I ever learned my lesson, no I didn't. Good thing is this never happened to me again :)

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Kary xoxo

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  1. Oh Kary this is so funny! I did carried everything and even extra and unnecessary things! It looked like we were moving! Little Miguelito is so darn cute!!