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Jellybean - Bump Update Week 18

What's Up With Baby:
Jellybean keeps fluttering around! I feel the little butterfly movements and smile from ear to ear every time I feel a flutter. Baby is the size of a sweet potato this week and the doctor said that by it's little heartbeat it sounds like a very happy baby :) Which makes us all a very happy family.

What's Up With Mama:
I'm working hard to try and get my appetite up again. I was already told that I can NOT lose anymore weight. At last weeks appointment I was told that I was down a total of 10lbs, I'm already in my second trimester and that is no bueno for the baby. I'm on strict orders to double my calories, I need to gain weight! But I'm not hungry and every time I eat something I feel queasy. This darn nausea that won't go away. The doctor also decided to send me to a Hematologist, my blood platelets lower each month and they are now low enough where she worries of my blood not clotting properly when Jellybean is born. Therefore I'm going to the hematologist to get more test done and together they will come up with a plan but right now she said it looks like I will be put on medication so that I don't bleed out.

With the nausea and loss of appetite it's very hard to have cravings but things might be looking up a little because it seems that I have little cravings here and there. This week it looks like I'm craving onion rings :)

This mommy has been getting in some cardio and so far one morning run this week. It was way too hot and humid yesterday and today, but tomorrow the weather looks promising so a morning run it is!

I'm usually a baby cry and I'm now even a bigger baby cry. Everything makes me cry, everything!
But I'm so blessed to have the family, husband and munchkin that I have, because they are amazing and so patient!

Yeah, my bladder is a mess it's like i have to pee every second! Jellybean thinks my bladder is a trampoline and likes to jump on it non-stop :D

Kary xoxo

9 comments on "Jellybean - Bump Update Week 18"
  1. Kary take good care of yourself! I wanna loose 10 lbs, you cannot afford it. Fill up on onion rings at least. thanks for the b-day wishes! You are looking gorgeous. Are you finding out if its a boy or girl??

    1. I will, sweets!! I'm really trying it's just so hard with this nausea that won't go away :(

      Yes, we will find out the gender at the end of this month :)


  2. OMG that is the first time I am hearing of someone actually losing weight during a pregnancy! I am wishing your nausea goes away and that you can enjoy cupcakes and delicious treats again!

    1. All your wishful thinking seems to be helping :) My nausea finally seems to be going away, slowly but hoping surely!
      I finally ate a cupcake and some chocolate - Yay!!!


  3. LOTS of saltines if that's what it takes. Have you tried drinking Malta? Got a serious craving of that w/my 1st one and she ended up weighing 12 lbs. Truly. Bueno, congrats on the jellybean, I know you'll be adding pounds soon. BB2U

    1. That's the same thing the doctor told me. I'm actually already bored of them, but anything for the jellybean :)
      Thank you so much, love for the sweet wishes!


  4. Love the updates! Do not love that you need to go on medication :(

    x Jasmine


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