Blessed with amazing friends!

Through this blog I've been blessed with the most amazing friendships and I've gotten to hug a few of you, which has been the best!
Thanks to Instagram I've also been blessed with amazing friendships. Some of the girls that I've met, it's like we've been friends forever. We can talk about anything, many have become my best friends.
One of those special friendships has been with the sweet Maria A.K.A @ninigemeni. She is an amazing mommy to three and amazing wife to her sweet husband. She has become one of my besties, we text each other during the week and I'm blessed to call her my friend!
Before I got pregnant with Jellybean we talked about one day having my baby girl. She promised to put away one of her baby girls clothing for my future little girl. Who would think it would happen in a few months.
Flower dress and gold slippers for Jellybean
This past Saturday Norah sent the sweetest package to her little bestie Jellybean :) A little flower dress with bloomers and little gold slippers. I can not wait until baby girl gets to wear such a special little dress. These will definitely be treasured and put away so that Jellybean can one day share with her baby girl.
Not only did they send our little Jellybean the sweetest package but they also sent munchkin something very special.

Only Child - Expiring Feb. 2014

Maria's husband started his own screen printing shop a year ago and he was so amazing to make this personalized shirt for our munchkin! He loved it so much that he wore it 2 days straight :) He got so many compliments at school and he wants to wear it everyday.
I am so blessed to have Maria and her family in my life, and I don't mean that because of the gifts that they sent us, but because this girl is always there for me. You can always tell when someone is your real friend, that person will always know when something is wrong and will always be there through thick and thin. She's an amazing friend and I love her lots.

Kary xoxo

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  1. That shirt is so cute!! So unique! :)
    What a great friendship. I'm loving this flurry of updates, K!