Jellybean - Bump Update Week 23

What's Up With Baby:  Baby is the size of a large mango and she's a little bouncing jellybean. We are not even 6 months yet and the force that she kicks and moves with is crazy. Baby girl is strong! I'm happy that she's healthy, shes passed all the exams with flying colors which makes us so happy and feeling so blessed. Jellybean is a riot and we can already think about all the trouble that she will be getting into :)

What's Up With Mama: I'm sleepy!! This week has been a little rough sleep wise. I can't sleep at night because baby girl doesn't let me lay down sideways. She starts moving until I lay facing up :) Smart girl! I can eat better but I'm still having trouble with eating the way I should. Which means that I need to eat 6 times a day instead of 3 times of day. My weight went down a little again. I said I'd lost a total of 10lbs but than I gained 2lbs and now I lost 1 lb, so I've lost a total of  9 lbs. No bueno!! 

Cravings:  Anything!! One moment I will want some watermelon, the next it's orange juice or a grilled cheese. Nothing weird like sand. Yes, there are people that crave sand and candles! Eekk!!

Exercise: Running (slowly)  and lots of  walking. Plus afterschool activities and our adventures in the big city never stop!

Feelings: Happy and Blessed!!!!

Bladder: I have no bladder, it is Jellybeans property until February :) 

Kary xoxo

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