A few tips to help you survive this holiday season #HuggiesLatino

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Only 3 days left till Thanksgiving, say what?!?
Where did the days go, that we are already worrying about the holiday season.
Family reunions, buying a present for those special someones in your life and worrying about what to cook?
I'm happy to share with you a few holiday tips that help me survive the holiday season and I hope they help you to.

1- If you have a baby. I know one of the major things is dressing them up for the holidays. But they are babies and it's always so stressful to have them wearing their special clothes and getting them dirty. My suggestion, take them wearing another set of clothing and when it's time to start taking pictures. Which for us is usually after we are done with all the cooking. Take baby and dress them up in their holiday clothes. They have less time to dirty it :)

2- Don't forget what the holiday season is all about. It's easy to get carried away with shopping and what to buy. But remember that you are loved no matter what, remember to remind your child what the season is truly about and they will appreciate anything that you gift them.

3- Have patience with your children. They are children and might not get the hint when it comes to you wanting alone time or you being stressed. Sit, down, close your eyes and berth in and breath out.

4- Your children want to help. Make it a memorable one and find something child friendly that they can help out with. Maybe help you fold the napkins, set up the tables or even better bake some holiday goodies :)

5- Sit, down take a breather. As adults, the holiday season can take a toll on us, and instead of really enjoying the holiday season for what it is, we can end up hating it. Remember now is family time, to see all those family members that you might not be able to see all year long. A time to enjoy with your children, have fun. Watch movies, do arts and crafts, sleep in and most of all be grateful for everything you have.

6- Oh and for those messes that are sure to happen, especially when children are around let's not forget to that Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean layers are a must. Make sure to carry a pack with you! They are sure to help with any spills and dirty hands :)
Now enjoy this holiday season!

What is one tip that you recommend to survive this holiday season?

Kary xoxo

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