Walking With Dinosaurs Review

Available on Blu-Ray and Dvd March 25th
To celebrate the release of Walking with Dinosaurs on Blu-Ray and Dvd tomorrow March 25th we enjoyed a Dinosaur Activity Day on Saturday. 

Munchkin and Frida coloring in their dinosaur activity sheets
Snacking on yummy treats and excited to see the movie
The day consisted of fun activities like coloring, playing with dinosaurs and preparing yummy snacks to eat while watching a special screening of Walking With Dinosaurs from the comfort of our home :)
Munchkin and my niece Frida love dinosaurs, they could live at the Museum Of Natural History.
Movie time came and before we knew it, the movie was over and I had two kids that wanted to watch it again. 
My son who wants to be a paleontologist loved watching the movie and learning the dinosaur names. Every time a new dinosaur came out, facts about that dinosaur popped up. Name, description and whether it was a herbivore or carnivore. My niece who's 1 yr old loved watching the dinosaurs running around and even though she doesn't fully comprehend the story line, she was able to enjoy it and the best thing is that as she grows up she can watch the movie to learn about dinosaurs.
The story of dinosaurs is told by a talking Raven (John Leguizamo) he is the narrator through out the movie and makes it fun to watch. The story follows Patchi, Scowler (his brother), Juniper (his crush) and their tribe as they migrate south for the winter and north during the Spring. There's action, love and a few sad parts but all in all it's a fun movie to watch. The kids will love it and kids younger than 8 years old will love watching the dinosaurs, colors and beautiful views. 
This is a movie that you won't want to miss, so make sure to get your copy tomorrow and make it a fun movie date with your family.

Do you love dinosaurs?

Kary xoxo

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  1. Xavi is into dinosaurs right now...facts about them? yup that sounds like him!!