Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Around The World Dvd Review

Disclosure: I am a member of Allied Hispanics and I was sent an advance copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dvd for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Around The World DVD available May 20th

I was so excited when I was sent a copy of this Dvd to review. My 3 month old baby is already a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but who am I kidding, who isn't?
We are not new to this show, my munchkin who is now 10yrs old actually watched it when he was little also and when the show first started. I've always loved it, for the reason that it's fun, educational and because it's Mickey and friends. When baby girl gets fussy I run to On Demand in my television and put on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her.
The moment she hears "Miska, Muska, Mickey Mouse" it's over! She will stop crying, being fussy or whatever she's doing. I was so excited to put on the Dvd for her :)

Yep! Mickey did it again. This is baby girl watching Mickey Mouse and friends as they traveled the world. The songs and places they visit are so much fun. They make it fun for kids as always. Your children will have fun while they try and answer Mickeys questions, they will dance and sing with Mickey and Friends.  4 extra episode are included in this Dvd.

I especially love that the Dvd comes with a Mickey Clubhouse Passport for your child (as pictured above) It has a section for them to fill out with their personal information, they can even paste a picture of theirs. It's like a real passport, except its more fun and it comes with stickers! I can't wait to fill it out with my little Jellybean in 1 year or two :)
So are you ready to travel around the world with Disney and friends?!?
You won't have to wait too long!
This Dvd will be available on Tuesday, May 20th

The riddle of Pharaoh Pete:
What has paws and claws, whiskers, and likes to play?

I guess you will have to watch the Dvd to find out!

Kary xoxo

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