We love you, Mama Maurilia

Today our heart is sad. Our dear Mama Maurilia has passed away My great grandmother, Miguelitos & Valentinas Great-great grandmother, she lived 99 beautiful years. My munchkin was able to meet her & receive her blessing, my Valentina wasn't able to meet her but I was able to go last Summer 2013 while pregnant with my little jellybean and my mama Maurilia blessed my belly.
Even though our heart i sad because we will not see her again, we are happy because she is resting in peace. We also know that she had a few special loved ones waiting for her upon her arrival.
We love you, mama Maurilia. We will never forget you, you will always live in our hearts & memories. Please give our Papa Betitio a big hug and kiss!

Love you always.
Us xoxo

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