Mommys can also have fun - #BBNYC

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Blogger Bash 2014 is finally here and I'm so excited.
Yes, I' going to miss my babies like crazy. Yes, I will be stressing like crazy over the fact that baby girl only breast feeds and she will be away from me, she hates drinking from the bottle, hates it. I pump and put breast milk in the bottles but she hates the plastic! So, tomorrow evening during Sweet Suite '14 half my brain will be somewhere else. But she has to eat, right? My guess is that if she doesn't want to drink from the bottle she will drink from them after 4 hours of mommy not being around and her not eating. Unless she goes on hunger strike until I get home.
Nonetheless, I am very excited to attend this conference, meet other mom bloggers, mingle with sponsors and have some much needed "me" time :D Does that make me sound greedy? or mean?
I hope it doesn't! I love my munchkin & jellybean so much but it will feel nice to just relax and have some adult fun :)

This is a two day event and I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!

Will come back soon with details about #BBNYC in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram @runchiquitarun where I will post plenty of pictures!

Kary xoxo

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