Nintendo Heaven

July 19, 2014 - Nintendo Store Rockefeller Center
Last Saturday we got to attend a special Nintendo preview event, where we got to test out some of the games that were shown at E3 ( Electronic Entertainment Expo that just happened in Los Angeles) 
What does that mean? That we got to play with some Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS games that have yet to be released. Some will be released this Fall and some until 2015!!

It was Nintendo heaven for not only my son, but also for this Mario lover. Nintendo was my first game console as a child and I remember my dad teaching me how to play Super Mario Bros. 
It was a fun morning with my boys and Jellybean.

Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS 
To be released October 2014
This was one of the first games munchkin got to play with and being the artist that he is, he loved being able to learn how to draw. The great part is that it shows you step by step, so little ones can also draw their favorite Pokemon characters.

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse - Coming out in 2015
Rainbows and Kirby are a win-win. This game might secretly be on my wish list.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - Coming out this holiday season
Toad has his own game, how fun is that!

Jellybean sleeping while her big brother plays video games to his heart content

Playing Mario Party 10
You can play as Bowser and be a bad guy

A video game lovers heaven
Miguel was all smiles and he actually didn't mind getting up early for once.

Miguel with Lindsey at the Nintendo Store she was our guide during the 2 hour Nintendo Party.
She was the sweetest!

My boys after the Nintendo Party

Nintendo swag for Miguel and Jellybean. Not only were they in heaven with the cute stuffed animals but I was reliving being a child myself.

We loved every single video game and they are definitely all on our wish list. They are all family friendly, and theres a little bit of everything for the family. From the artist in your family to the adventurer in your family!
Make sure to keep your eyes open for these and more upcoming soon to be released games.

Do you have a favorite video game or character?


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